How does telemedicine work in 2016?

  • Technology

    Healthcare Anywhere's telemedicine technology is the next generation of simple, secure telemedicine. All-in-one telemedicine takes you beyond video with convenient appointment scheduling, automatic reminders to your patients, revenue cycle management, automatic patient payments, tracking patient trends, and marketing to grow your practice.

  • Convenience

    Patient convenience equals patient compliance. Telemedicine makes all the difference to see more of your own patients who will stop cancelling their appointments. Physicians see higher patient compliance using telemedicine software, boosting revenue by reducing the wait time between their patient visits and accessing video to see their patients anywhere.

  • Compliance

    Patients use telemedicine anywhere and anytime you're available for easy and fast follow ups, or to treat chronic health conditions without the travel. Patients may schedule their own appointments that fit in your calendar's availability, and keep more appointments by using Healthcare Anywhere's mobile telemedicine application, which is branded for your practice.

  • Reimbursements

    Medicaid and Medicare pays for multiple Part B services furnished by a physician or practitioner to an eligible beneficiary using telemedicine, which substitutes for an in-person encounter. Healthcare Anywhere's telemedicine team helps you with telemedicine reimbursements for seeing patients in your state and around the country.

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See Healthcare Anywhere's telemedicine in action for more quality care to more patients. Our team supports physicians and nurses with our all-in-one telemedicine software, marketing and revenue cycle management.

Telemedicine at 1/10th the cost

Healthcare Anywhere scales with patient volume to provide more quality care for more patients. Our telemedicine team gets you setup with Healthcare Anywhere's telemedicine platform in a few days. We train your staff and help transition your patients with marketing support and tutorials. Once you’re on board, we’ll show you how target marketing through social media gives you the opportunity to increase your patient population.

HD video

See patients with streamlined video on any digital device.

Patient scheduling

Auto alert patients with reminders and appointments.


Electronically authorize to a patient’s nearby pharmacy.

Patient autopay

Patients sign up by credit card and autopay for each visit.

Patient analytics

Discover patient trends and how to grow your patient panel.

HIPAA Compliant

100% HIPAA compliant, no data is stored on user devices.

CMS now reimburses for telemedicine visits

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Healthcare Anywhere is a trusted provider for telemedicine technology. Our executive team has 20+ years of experience in healthcare, technology and marketing to help physicians grow their practices and expand their reach for compassionate care to more patients. Our mission is to improve the quality and quantity of human life. Creating simple and secure telemedicine experiences that makes it easier for patients to see their physicians anywhere in the world.

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